Sweet cherry and strawberry compote

Ingredients for making compote from cherries and strawberries

  1. Fresh strawberries 4 kilograms
  2. Fresh cherry 4 kilograms
  3. Sugar 1.5 kilograms
  4. Cold clean water 750 milliliters
  • Main ingredientsStrawberry, Sweet Cherry
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World Cuisine


Deep bowl - 2 pieces, a stove, kitchen gloves, a medium pan with a thick bottom, a tablespoon, a glass 1.5-3 liter can - 2-3 pieces, metal lids for cans - 2-3 pieces, a cloth towel, deep pan with a lid, kitchen tongs, a sieve or a special lid for container sterilization, a can opener, a can opener, a warm blanket, a jug, serving glasses, a kitchen sponge, dishwashing detergent

Cooking compote from cherries and strawberries:

Step 1: prepare the cherries.

Pour the cherries into a deep bowl and rinse thoroughly under warm running water. In parallel, remove the tails and remove the spoiled berries from the total mass. Then we drain the remaining liquid from the tank and leave the component aside.

Step 2: prepare the strawberries.

We clean strawberries with clean hands: we remove tails and spoiled berries. Then put the component in a free deep bowl and gently rinse under running cold water. Attention: we make sure that all the dirt is gone, otherwise conservation can explode at the most inopportune moment, for example, closer to winter. Now drain the remaining liquid in the container and leave the strawberries for a while aside.

Step 3: sterilize the jars with caps.

Pour ordinary cold water into a deep pot and put on a big fire. To make the liquid boil faster, cover the container with a lid. In the meantime, rinse the cans under running water using a kitchen sponge with detergent. Important: we do this until the inner walls of the cans begin to creak.
When the water boils, remove the lid, and in its place we put a sieve or special equipment for the upcoming procedure. Reduce the heat and begin to sterilize the container. In turn, put the jars on top of the pan with the neck down. We process them during 10-15 minutes until steam begins to flow down the walls. Immediately after this, remove the container with kitchen tack and move them onto a clean cloth towel. Now carefully put the metal caps in boiling water and boil them too 10 minutes. After the allotted time, turn off the burner, and take out the inventory using kitchen tongs and put it near the banks.

Step 4: prepare a compote of cherries and strawberries.

Pour clean cold water into a medium saucepan and put on a big fire. We are waiting for the liquid to begin to boil. Immediately after that we reduce the fire, and pour it into the container 400 grams of sugar. Constantly stirring everything with a tablespoon, bring the mass to a homogeneous state. We should get syrup with which we will fill our berries. Turn off the burner and wait for the liquid to become 50 ° C.

In the meantime, carefully lay out a handful of strawberries and cherries in turns in the banks. Attention: We try to distribute the components equally, so that later we get a more expressive taste and aroma of the drink. Sprinkle with the remaining sugar and pour the syrup.

Now the most crucial moment. On a small fire in a deep pot of boiling water, in turn, put the cans, which we cover with metal lids. We sterilize the compote for 10 minutes. Immediately after that, we get the container using kitchen tacks and roll it up using a can opener.
We put the compote upside down in a secluded place and wrap it in a warm blanket. We leave in this position for at least a day until the banks have completely cooled down. Important: it is also necessary to do this in order to check the quality of seaming. After all, if somewhere on the lid passes air, it is likely that the container will leak or even explode. Therefore, this procedure is very important and you should not skip it. At the end, we transfer our drink to the pantry or cellar and store until the right moment.

Step 5: serve the compote from cherries and strawberries.

In winter, open the jar with compote with a can opener and pour into a jug. Serve to the dessert table with cookies. You can also just enjoy this divine drink by pouring it into glasses.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- Compote can also be stored in the refrigerator. The main thing is that the drink does not fall under direct sunlight;

- To make the compote tasty and fragrant, it is best to use a proven ripe berry. If this is a homemade strawberry, then be sure that the drink will work out well;

- In order to rinse the cans, you can also use soda, as this is a food supplement that is easy to rinse and leaves no streaks.