Salted fat

Ingredients for Making Salty Lard

  1. Lard (undercuts) 1 kg.
  2. Water 1 l.
  3. Salt 100 g
  4. Garlic 2 heads.
  5. Seasoning for meat 2 tbsp. l
  • Main Ingredients: Pork, Garlic
  • World CuisineUkrainian Cuisine

Cooking salted bacon:

Pour water into the pan, add salt, stir. Peel one head of garlic, chop the garlic into slices and add to the brine. Put lard in brine, cover with a plate on top and put oppression, I have a three liter jar of water. We put the whole structure in the refrigerator for three days. We take out the salted fat from the refrigerator. We get out of the water, get wet with a paper towel. Peel one head of garlic, pass through a press. Seasoning can be used, any, to your taste. I have a mixture of seasonings for meat, and just black ground pepper. We spread the cling film on the table, sprinkle the film with spices, spread half the garlic, wrap the lard in a film, so that the lard is covered with spices. Put the fat in the freezer, as the fat freezes, we take it out, cut into thin slices. Enjoy your meal!