Ingredients for making Easter cake

  1. Water 200 ml.
  2. Margarine 50 g.
  3. Flour 3 tbsp. l
  4. Water 100 ml.
  5. Fresh yeast 50 g.
  6. Sugar 1 tbsp. l
  7. Salt 1/3 tsp
  8. Flour 2 kg. (Approx.)
  9. Boiled milk 500 ml.
  10. Margarine 200 g.
  11. Sugar 2 cups.
  12. Vanilla Sugar 4 g.
  13. Egg 2 pcs.
  14. Yolk 4 pcs.
  15. Salt 1 tsp.
  16. Squirrels 4 pcs.
  17. Sugar 2 cups
  18. Powder confectionery 2 packs.
  19. Raisins 500 g.
  • Main Ingredients: Milk, Flour, Yeast Dough

Sing Songs for Happy Easter!

This day of all days is more beautiful!

You knock on my door.

Easter cakes are waiting for you.

Christ is risen!

Cooking Easter cake:



Pour 200 ml into the stewpan. water, add 50 g margarine. Put on fire, boil over, melt the margarine completely. Quickly add 3 tablespoons of flour and stir so that there are no lumps. You need to try a little. Leave to cool slightly.

We brew yeast:

Pour 100 ml into a bowl. cool water, add 1 tbsp. l sugar and 1/3 tsp salt. Stir until completely dissolved. We crumble the yeast and mix until dissolved.

The dough should be so hot that you can hold your finger in it. If it is very hot, wait a bit until it cools down. We connect the dough with yeast, set aside until it rises, shake the stewpan a little, let the dough fall, let it rise again. Do not cover.

Pour raisins into a colander, rinse, drain water. Raisins should be slightly moist. Sift the flour with a slide for approximately 800 g. Pour raisins into the flour and mix by hand.

Drive 2 whole eggs into a large bowl and add 4 egg yolks, collect the protein separately in a bowl and put in the refrigerator. Add 2 cups of sugar, 4 g of vanilla sugar, 1 tsp. with a slide of salt and mix. 200 g melt margarine and pour into a bowl, stir, pour warm milk. We cook milk in advance, cool to a warm state. Add the dough. Mix everything well and start adding flour with raisins. Gradually add the flour, begin to knead the dough. The dough should be soft, do not knead, press into the dough with your finger it should be aligned, then stop kneading. Or take a piece of dough in your hands, roll the ball, if it does not stick or slightly sticks, then the dough is ready. Grease a bowl with vegetable oil and put the dough in it, do not grease the dough with oil, it should breathe. Cover only with a clean kitchen towel. Allow the dough to rise for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The first time the dough fits for a long time and not as much as the second time. Kill the dough, and put back in a bowl, cover with a towel. Now the dough is saturated with oxygen and will fit faster in about 50 minutes.

The dough has approached, we begin to cut, grease our hands with sunflower oil, evaluate your shape, tear off a piece of dough of such a size that you get half your shape. Hands roll the dough into a tight ball, grease the ball with sunflower oil, put the dough in a mold.

Let the dough rise to the top of the mold, take your time the dough should double.

Bake Easter cake in a preheated oven to 180 degrees. Baking time depends on the size of the cake. Bake a small Easter cake separately from a large Easter cake. Place the molds in the oven at a distance of approximately 5 cm from each other. We check the readiness of the Easter cake with a wooden skewer. We pierce to the bottom, the skewer should be dry. When we bake Easter cake, we can’t slam the doors, because of the vibration, Easter cake can rise poorly.

We take out the cake, let it cool.

From the remaining dough, you can make pies with poppy seeds or jam, rolls, rolls.


In chilled proteins from 4 eggs, add 2 cups of sugar, about 400 g. Beat with a mixer until the sugar is completely dissolved, in a beautiful white foam. Grease Easter cakes with icing, decorate with powder.