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German gingerbread cookies Lebkuchen

Ingredients for making German Lebkuchen gingerbread

For the test:

  1. Rye flour 500 grams
  2. Coarse flour 300 grams
  3. Brown sugar (cane) 400 grams
  4. Flower honey 12 tablespoons
  5. 4 eggs
  6. Butter 90 grams
  7. Baking soda 2 teaspoons
  8. Cocoa Powder 20 grams
  9. 1 medium lemon
  10. Ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon
  11. Ground cloves 1 teaspoon
  12. Candied orange peel 100 grams
  13. Candied lemon peel 60 grams
  14. Rice without stones 100 grams
  15. Hazelnut 140 grams

For glaze:

  1. Milk 3 tablespoons
  2. Egg yolk 2 pieces
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Butter, Flour, Honey
  • Serving 12 Servings
  • World cuisineGerman cuisine


Cutting board, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Knife, Oven, Saucer - 4 pieces, Bowl, Kitchen stove, Small pan or Turk, Small bowl, Mixer or hand whisk, Medium bowl - 2 pieces, Fine grater, Cling film, Freezer , Refrigerator, Rolling pin, Kitchen table, Pastry tins, Baking sheet, Baking paper, Pastry brush, Kitchen gloves, Serving dish, Wooden spatula, Kitchen paper towels

Making German Lebkuchen Gingerbread Cookies:

Step 1: prepare candied fruits.

We put the orange and lemon candied fruits on a cutting board and, using a knife, cut into small pieces. Pour the crushed components into a free saucer.

Step 2: prepare the hazelnuts.

We spread the hazelnuts on a cutting board and finely chop with a knife. Pour the crushed component into a clean saucer.

Step 3: prepare the raisins.

Pour raisins into a bowl and pour ordinary cold water. For a while we set aside to insist. After the component swells, drain the liquid, and wash it several times under running water. Then we wipe the dried fruits with kitchen paper towels and put them on a cutting board. Using a knife, grind raisins and pour into a free saucer.

Step 4: prepare the lemon.

We rinse the lemon under running water, wipe it dry with a paper towel and put it on a cutting board. Using a fine grater, rub the peel of the citrus. Pour the resulting zest in a clean saucer.

Step 5: prepare the butter.

Put the butter on a cutting board and cut into small pieces with a knife. The crushed component is transferred to a clean saucer. We leave aside so that it can warm to room temperature.

Step 6: prepare the eggs.

Break the eggs into a small bowl and, using a mixer or hand whisk, beat them until a homogeneous yellow mass is formed. Attention: when using an electric appliance, beat the component at medium speed.

Step 7: prepare the honey-sugar mixture.

Pour cane sugar into a small saucepan or turk and spread honey. We put the container on fire less than average and, occasionally stirring with a tablespoon, bring the component to a liquid homogeneous state. Immediately after that, turn off the burner and proceed to the preparation of the dough.

Step 8: prepare the gingerbread dough.

Pour hot honey-sugar mixture into a medium bowl, add softened pieces of butter here and mix well with a tablespoon until smooth. After that, pour the eggs and beat everything again with a mixer at medium speed or with a hand whisk.

Pour two types of flour, soda, cocoa powder and all dry spices into another medium bowl. Using a tablespoon or whisk, mix everything thoroughly until smooth.

Now pour the flour mixture in small portions into a bowl with the butter-honey mixture. For convenience, you can knead the dough with clean hands. Then add crushed candied fruits, hazelnuts, raisins and lemon zest to the total mass. Once again, mix everything well. Attention: if you have a special mixer nozzle - a dough hook, then be sure to use it, since the dough is quite dense and hard to knead with your hands.

So, we continue to mix the ingredients until we get a homogeneous dense mass, which will easily lag behind the hands.

We put the finished dough on the kitchen table, crushed with a small amount of flour. Hands roll up a thick "sausage", wrap it in cling film and put it in the freezer. The dough should be infused for 30 minutes. After that, we transfer it to the refrigerator and give it a "rest" throughout the night.

Step 9: form the gingerbread cookies.

We take out the dough from the refrigerator, free it from cling film and put it on the kitchen table, crushed with flour. Using a rolling pin, we roll out a layer thick not less than 5 millimeters. Using pastry molds, we cut out small dough cookies from the dough. Attention: molds can be in the form of stars, as well as bells, circles and squares. From the remains of the dough we form a "sausage", again roll it into a cake and cut out the gingerbread cookies. In the meantime, turn on the oven and heat it to a temperature 175 ° C.

Step 10: Cook the Frosting

Pour milk and egg yolks into a clean small bowl. Using a hand whisk, beat the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is formed. That's it, the icing is ready!

Step 11: prepare German Lebkuchen gingerbread cookies.

Cover the baking sheet with baking paper. We spread gingerbread cookies on its surface at a short distance from each other. Using a pastry brush, grease the surface of the cookie with icing. Put the pastries in the oven and cook it for 13 - 15 minutes. After the allotted time, turn off the oven, and take out the baking sheet using kitchen oven mitts and set aside.

Step 12: serve the German Lebkuchen gingerbread cookies.

We put the German Lebkuchen gingerbread on a special plate and serve it to the dessert table. What delicious and aromatic they turn out! In Germany, these cookies are usually made for the Christmas holidays and treated to friends with tea or coffee. Try it, I'm sure you will like it. And what a delight the children will be!
Enjoy your tea party!

Recipe Tips:

- instead of rye flour, you can use wheat or corn;

- the thickness of the gingerbread is about 0.5 - 1 centimeter, but the thicker it turns out, the softer it will be inside;

- infusion of the test for the preparation of gingerbread can last up to two weeks;

- for the preparation of Lebkuchen gingerbread, you can use any spices you like. And this (in addition to those indicated in the recipe) ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, anise, allspice, star anise and even chili powder;

- for the decoration of gingerbread, such types of glaze as lemon, chocolate or just egg are suitable. Sprinkle pastries with chopped nuts or coconut;

- such gingerbread cookies can be stored for a long time, while remaining fragrant and not stale. The main thing for this is to use a tin or glass jar with a tight lid.