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Katlama ingredients

  1. Wheat flour premium 1.5-2 cups
  2. Water 100 ml
  3. Salt 1/2 tsp to taste
  4. Butter 30 g
  5. Refined ghee or vegetable oil
  • Main ingredients: Oil, Flour
  • Portion 2 large or 6 medium lozenges
  • World cuisine


Bowl, Strainer, Rolling Pin, Frying Pan, Shovel

Catlama Cooking:

Step 1: Cooking Catlama

Sift the flour, add salt to it. Pour the flour into the water at room temperature and knead the dough. The amount of flour is indicated approximately, you may need a little more. Knead the dough until it stops sticking to your hands. Form a ball out of it, cover with a towel so that it does not blow, and let stand for 15 minutes to swell gluten.

To roll out the dough you need a lot of free space. It’s best to empty the whole table. Roll out the dough into a thin layer (thickness not more than 1 mm). Melt the butter and evenly lubricate the entire surface of the formation with it.

Now we need to roll up this layer. There are two ways to do this. The first does not require any adaptations: wrap the edge and evenly roll up the layer with a tube. For the second, you need a long rolling pin or a stick that is suitable in size: put it on the edge and wind it on its entire layer. To remove the dough from the stick, we make a cut along the entire length.

Removes the dough - a multilayer layer.

We cut the resulting layer lengthwise into two strips. Roll up each strip.

If you rolled the dough without the help of a rolling pin or stick, then you should get a tube. Cut it into several pieces about 5 cm long. You will get almost the same twisted pieces. Only there will be not two, but more, and cakes of them will come out of a smaller diameter.

Press each piece.

We roll thin cakes, the thinner - the better, but do not forget about the diameter of the pan. In several places, pierce the cake with a knife or fork.

Put the pan on a fire, pour oil and fry the katlama on both sides until golden. The most delicious cakes are obtained in ghee, but on vegetable it also goes well. Creamy begins to burn quickly and is not suitable for frying cakes.
The more oil, the more golden and crisp the crust will be. Calories, of course, will also be more, but not a word about them.
Remove the finished cakes from the pan and put on a paper towel, it absorbs excess oil.

Step 2: serve katlama.

Serve hot katlam. The cooled katlama has a crispy crust and the tortilla, for my taste, is not so good anymore.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- when you roll the dough into a large thin layer and grease with melted butter, you can put the filling. For example, green or fried onions, finely chopped greens, cheese;

- You can sprinkle the finished fried tortilla with powdered sugar, and you will get sweet katlama for tea.