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Currant wine

The ingredients for the preparation of currant wine

  1. Blackcurrant 2 kg
  2. Water 3 liters
  3. Sugar 1 kilogram
  • Main ingredients: Blackcurrant, Sugar


Glass containers, a lid with a water seal, a crush, gauze, funnel, a lot of time.

Preparation of currant wine:

Step 1: preparing the berries.

Berries do not need to be washed, most importantly, sort them out. So that the fruits are juicy, ripe, without a trace of rot and mold.

Fold the berries in a non-metallic container and chop them with the same non-metallic crush, turning them into a homogeneous pulp - pulp.

Step 2: the first stage of fermentation.

Add to Depressed Berry 0.5 kilogram sugar and clean water. Mix everything and place in a glass container, filling it with no more than 2/3 of the volume (leave room for fermentation). Cover the neck of the container with gauze.
Leave it all to roam in a warm place, inaccessible to sunlight, on 4-5 days. Check the mixture periodically by mixing it with a wooden stick. It is enough to carry out this procedure once a day.

Step 3: the second stage of fermentation.

After 4-5 days check the taste, if necessary, add more sugar, but not immediately, but gradually, in a glass at a time.
Install a stopper with a water lock on the container with wine or just a tight medical glove, puncture a hole in the index finger.
Leave everything to roam in a warm and dark place still on 20-22 days. Have a wine tasting once a week to follow the process.

Step 4: filter the wine.

Once the specified time has passed, strain / filter the wine with gauze or a thin plastic tube to separate the pulp.

Step 5: the last stage of fermentation.

Pour strained wine into a clean container and place in a cool place so that the fermentation process reaches the end. And to make the drink clean, every 3-4 weeks pour the wine with a plastic tube into another container.

Step 6: serve the currant wine.

Store currant wine in tightly closed bottles, in a cool and dark place, serve chilled as an aperitif to the table. Tasty and natural.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Do not overdo it with the amount of sugar! And for this, try the wine and sweeten it gradually.