Strawberry Apple Jam

Ingredients for Strawberry Apple Jam

  1. Strawberry 1.5 kg (weight after peeling)
  2. Apples 1 kilogram (weight after cleaning)
  3. Sugar 300 grams (the amount of sugar depends on the sweetness of the fruit)
  • Main IngredientsApple, Strawberry, Sugar


Saucepan, wooden spoon, kitchen knife, cutting board, glass jars.

Making strawberry-apple jam:

Step 1: prepare the strawberries.

Rinse the strawberries thoroughly. It is better to rinse it several times in still water. Then drain the water, and remove the green ponytails from the berries.

Cut the peeled berries into two or four parts, depending on the size of the strawberries.

Step 2: prepare the apples.

Rinse the apples thoroughly, if necessary, peel them from the skin. Cut the core and twigs. Cut the fruit into small pieces.

Step 3: sugar strawberries and apples.

Transfer strawberries and apples into a large pot and mix together.

Pour sugar over the fruit and berries and leave them to stand for several hours until enough juice stands out. This is usually required. 2-3 hours.

Step 4: boil strawberries and apples.

When the apples and strawberries give the juice, rearrange the pan on a slow fire. Bring everything to a boil and cook for 5 minutes.

Step 5: grind everything with a blender.

In a slightly boiled apples and strawberries, lower the blender and chop everything until smooth.

Step 6: make the jam ready.

Return the pan with all its contents to the fire and continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until the jam is thick enough.

Check the density by dropping on a plate. If a drop of jam does not spread, then you can remove it from the fire.
And do not forget to remove foam from the surface during the cooking process.

Step 7: pour the jam into the banks.

Arrange the hot strawberry-apple jam on heated sterilized jars and tightly close their lids.
For the sake of fidelity, send jars of jam for pasteurization within 7 minutes.

After all, turn the workpiece upside down, and leave it to cool, with the lids down.
Store strawberry-apple jam in a cool dark place.

Step 8: serve strawberry and apple jam.

Serve strawberry-apple jam in the same way as jam or any other jam: with pancakes, pancakes or cottage cheese, for example. In addition, the jam turns out to be quite thick, so add it to your home baking. And just with tea it will also be very tasty.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Harvest strawberry-apple jam in small jars.