Microwave Baked Potato

Microwave Baked Potato Ingredients

  1. Potato 1-4 pieces
  2. Olive oil to taste
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Ground pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients Potato
  • Portion 1-4


Microwave, microwave baking dish, fork, tongs, hot pot holders.

Cooking Microwave Baked Potatoes:

Step 1: wash the potatoes.

Regarding the choice of potatoes for baking. It can be vegetables of any size, large ones take longer to cook, small ones take more time. Therefore, try to have about the same size potatoes in one batch.

You do not need to cut out the eyes or peel, but you need to rinse the potatoes properly, scrubbing off all the dirt with a brush or a hard sponge.
After washing the tubers, wipe dry with a towel, at the same time check if they are clean enough, in which case repeat washing.

Step 2: prepare the potatoes for baking.

Pierce the washed potatoes on all sides with a fork. Enough of four to five different punctures. This will allow the couple to go out.

Move the vegetable to the baking dish and pour it with olive oil, grate on all sides, and then generously sprinkle with salt and ground pepper.

Step 3: bake the potatoes in the microwave.

Send the potatoes to the microwave on 5 minutes at maximum power.

After that, the potatoes will need to be turned on the other side so that the vegetables are evenly cooked from all sides. This should be done with two forks or tongs, as the potatoes will be hot.

Put everything back in the microwave for another 3 minutesif you bake one potato, and on 5 minutes - if more than one.
In any case, you can check if the potato is ready by piercing it with a knife or fork, the vegetables inside should be soft. In which case, simply extend the cooking time by adding 1 minuteuntil you reach the desired result.
That's all! Baked potatoes, it can be served. But, alas and oh, no matter how hard we try, to get a fried peel in the microwave, we can’t. And if you just want to dry the skin, you have to send the potatoes to the oven.

Transfer the finished potatoes directly from the microwave to the oven, preheated to 200-220 degrees and bake there until the peel dries. But all this is not necessary, as I wrote above.

Step 4: serve the baked potatoes in the microwave.

Serve microwaved potatoes in the same way as usual. As a side dish, for example, or filling it with something tasty. You can just grease with butter, sprinkle with dill and enjoy a little bite with cucumbers or sauerkraut.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Such potatoes can be cooled and put into the refrigerator, where it will be stored for 4 days, and you will only need to warm it before eating.