Celery Slimming Salad

Celery Slimming Salad Ingredients

  1. Celery stalks 3-4 pieces
  2. Fresh cucumbers 2 pieces
  3. White cabbage 300 grams
  4. Lettuce 3-4 pieces
  5. Canned corn 1/2 tins
  6. Fresh greens to taste
  7. Vegetable oil to taste
  8. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Corn, Cucumber, Salad, Celery, Greens
  • Serving 2 servings


Deep plate, salad spoon, kitchen knife, cutting board, can opener.

Making celery slimming salad:

Step 1: Prepare the celery stalks.

Rinse the celery stalks, cut off the base, backing 2-3 centimeters. If you stored the stems separately, then most likely they wilted a little on the tip, so the dried place also needs to be cut.
Cut the prepared celery stalks lengthwise into several pieces, and then chop them across into small pieces.

Step 2: Prepare the cucumbers.

Rinse fresh cucumbers with warm running water and be sure to try to see if the skin is thick or bitter, it may need to be cut off altogether.
After preparation, fresh cucumbers need to be cut in half lengthwise, then laid down on a cutting board and cut into 2-4 parts. And only then cut the vegetables across so that you get very small pieces.

Step 3: Prepare the cabbage.

Rip white cabbage, removing dried brown leaves, do not forget to also cut a bitter stalk from it. Rinse the remaining juicy crisp leaves with warm water, shake and, placing them on a cutting board, cut into small squares or thin strips.
Attention: if you want to make cabbage softer, put it in a deep plate, add a little salt and shake with your hands.

Step 4: Prepare the Lettuce.

Choose the juiciest, thickest leaves of the salad, rinse them with warm water and brush off excess moisture. Cut the greens into small pieces, and if you prefer, you can just tear it with your hands.

Step 5: Prepare the greens.

Fresh greens for the preparation of this salad, you can choose any, here onions, dill, and parsley, and even something from your garden are suitable. The main thing is to rinse the ingredients properly, shake them, and then cut them very finely, the smaller the pieces, the better.

Step 6: Prepare the corn.

Open a jar of corn and remove from it the number of grains you need to prepare the salad. Be sure to drain the water from them. If you want, you can add a little more or a little less corn, here it is not strict.

Step 7: Mix Celery Slimming Salad.

It remains the simplest. Pour all the salad ingredients into a large deep dish, add salt to them and mix well. At the very end, fill the dish with vegetable oil, it can be sunflower, olive, sesame, pumpkin or mustard oil, in a word, which one you like and will seem more appropriate here. Mix the salad one last time and serve it to the table.

Step 8: Serve Celery Slimming Salad.

Celery slimming salad will certainly help you lose a couple of kilograms, because it contains a lot of useful substances, as well as speeds up the metabolism. In addition, it is very tasty and crispy, so starting a day with such a dish is a pleasure.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- To make this salad a little more satisfying, add a boiled egg or some potatoes to it.

- Of course, in addition to butter, such a salad can be seasoned with low-fat sour cream or kefir, mixed with a small amount of mustard.

- White cabbage can be replaced with Chinese, it turns out no less tasty and healthy for the figure.