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Oatmeal cookies with honey

Ingredients for Cooking Oatmeal Cookies with Honey

  1. Oatmeal flakes 200 grams
  2. Butter 100 grams
  3. Sugar 100 grams
  4. Flower honey 100 grams
  5. Sour cream 100 grams
  6. Chicken egg 1 piece
  7. Walnuts peeled 30-40 grams
  8. Wheat flour 200 grams
  9. Baking powder for dough 1 teaspoon
  • Main IngredientsOatmeal, Flour, Honey
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Medium bowl, fork, teaspoon, tablespoon, blender, strainer, deep bowl, baking paper, oven, kitchen potholders, baking tray, serving dish, toothpick, wooden spatula, saucer, cutting board, kitchen knife

Cooking oatmeal cookies with honey:

Step 1: prepare the walnuts.

We lay the walnuts in the blender bowl and chop at high speed until small pieces, almost crumbs. We leave them temporarily in this container and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: prepare the butter.

We spread the butter on a cutting board and, using a knife, chop in small pieces. The crushed component is moved to a clean saucer and temporarily left aside so that it reaches room temperature. Attention: We do not accelerate this process with a microwave.

Step 3: prepare the flour.

To make the dough uniform and without lumps, pour the flour into a sieve and sift it over a deep bowl. Such a process will saturate the component with oxygen, so oatmeal cookies will turn out to be more tender and airy.

Step 4: prepare the dough for oatmeal cookies.

Put slices of soft butter in a medium bowl and pour sugar in. Using a fork, thoroughly beat the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Next, add honey to the container. Again, mix everything thoroughly, but with the help of a tablespoon.
Then pour sour cream to the mass. We mix the dough with improvised equipment and immediately pour the chopped walnuts, and also with the help of a knife we ​​break the egg and pour the yolks with proteins here.

Now add the oatmeal and mix everything thoroughly with a tablespoon until smooth. We should get a still liquid mixture.

To make the dough thicker, pour the sifted flour and baking powder into a bowl in small portions. At the same time, beat everything with a fork and bring the mass to homogeneity. Everything, the dough is ready!

Step 5: prepare oatmeal cookies with honey.

First, cover the baking sheet with baking paper, so our cookies will not burn. Now, using a tablespoon, put here at a small distance from each other portions of dough. Attention: after it settles on parchment, it will still slightly flow, so we take this into account. Almost done! Next, turn on the oven and heat it to a temperature 200 ° C. Immediately after that we put a baking sheet here on the middle tier and prepare cookies for 10-15 minutes. After the allotted time, you need to check the baking with a toothpick. To do this, slightly extend the container with kitchen tack and, using a toothpick, pierce the dough in several places. If it does not stick to a wooden stick, then the cookies are ready and you can turn off the oven. If not, then it’s worth extending still for 4-6 minutes. At the end, the pastries will brown and will attract everyone with their unforgettable sweet aroma. Turn off the oven, and take out the pan and leave it aside for a while.

Step 6: serve oatmeal cookies with honey.

When the cookie cools down, shift it with a wooden spatula to a special plate. We serve it to the dining table with tea, coffee, and for children with milk. How delicious it is! I immediately bake cookies with a margin, since they just take it apart, I do not have time to turn around, the plate is already empty.
Have a nice tea party!

Recipe Tips:

- if your honey is sugar, do not worry, because it can be melted in advance in a water bath;

- This is a recipe for homemade oatmeal cookies, so do not be surprised if it does not rise. It should be so;

- Instead of walnuts, you can add others to your baking to your taste. For example, I tried oatmeal cookies with almonds, cashew nuts and forest, as well as peanuts. I did not really like the last option, but this is a matter of taste.