SAS Airlines Institutes Alcohol Cap After Drunk Passenger Problems

SAS Airlines Institutes Alcohol Cap After Drunk Passenger Problems

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Drunk passengers ruin plane alcohol for everybody on SAS flights

Wikimedia/Jonathan - OY-KBR

SAS Scandinavian Airlines is taking measures to prevent customers from getting drunk on planes.

Some drunk passengers who let some tiny bottles of alcohol get the better of them have gone and ruined plane booze for everybody, because now SAS Scandiavian Airlines has announced that it will be capping the number of alcoholic beverages a customer can consume on a flight.

According to The Local, SAS announced last week that after several incidents of drunken behavior on airplanes last year, it would henceforth be instituting a three-drink cap on alcoholic beverages during flights. The limit will apply to customers traveling within the EU, so people on extra-long trips will be able to indulge a bit more. A company spokesperson also specified that the new limit is more of a guideline than a rule and is designed to give cabin crews more authority to cut passengers off if they have too much.

The new guidelines will not do much to stop passengers who start drinking in airport bars before the flights, but SAS employees are already allowed to prevent customers from boarding if they appear drunk.