Ginger in sugar

Ingredients for Cooking Ginger in Sugar

  1. Ginger (fresh root) 200 grams
  2. Sugar (sand) 200 grams for syrup and 150 grams for boning
  3. Purified water 2.5 cups
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


A glass (250 gram capacity), a kitchen knife, a cutting board, paper kitchen towels, a stove, a wooden kitchen spatula, a deep pan (capacity 4 liters) - 2 pieces, a colander, a deep plate, a tablespoon, a baking sheet, a metal grill from the oven, glass liter jar, linen napkin, dessert plate.

Cooking ginger in sugar:

Step 1: Prepare Ginger

First, take the ginger root and use a sharp kitchen knife to peel it, cutting it off with a thin layer. Then we wash this ingredient under trickles of warm running water, dry it with paper kitchen towels, put it on a cutting board and chop it with thin round or oblong slices of thickness 3-4 millimeters. After that, put on the kitchen table the remaining ingredients that will be needed for making sweets, and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Cook the Ginger.

We throw the prepared ginger into a deep pan, fill it with two glasses of purified water and put on medium heat. After boiling the liquid, cook the pieces of the root 40-60 minutes to softenstirring occasionally with a wooden kitchen spatula. Due to such a simple heat treatment, this ingredient will get rid of excessive hotness.

Step 3: prepare the syrup.

Meanwhile, pour half a glass of purified water into a clean deep saucepan, add 200 grams of granulated sugar to it and put everything on medium heat. We prepare the syrup until the grains are completely dissolved, intensively stirring with a tablespoon so as not to burn. This process will take no more than 7-9 minutes. As soon as the aromatic sweet liquid is ready, remove it from the stove and set aside for now.

Step 4: Cook the ginger in the syrup.

After 40-60 minutes ginger softens, with a kitchen towel, throw it together with water into a colander and leave it in the sink on 6-7 minutesto glass excess fluid. Then we send the slices of the spine into a saucepan with syrup and put it on a strong fire.

Now we are not far from the stove, after about 8-10 minutes the main liquid will evaporate. Well, as soon as ginger absorbs most of the sugar and becomes transparent, turn off the stove and allow the aromatic contents of the saucepan to cool, it will take about 1 hour.

Step 5: bring the dessert to full readiness.

Next, pour the remaining sugar into a deep plate, roll the cooled pieces of ginger in it in turn and transfer them to the metal grid pre-installed on the baking sheet, trying to make this so that they do not touch each other.

After that, we act as desired: either dry the candied fruit until it is wrinkled, in a preheated oven to 50 degrees Celsius, while not forgetting to leave her door ajar, or withstand them at room temperature in a well-ventilated place for a week. When the ginger dries, you can start tasting.

Step 6: Serve the ginger in the sugar.

Ginger in sugar or candied fruit is served at room temperature, previously laid out in dessert vases or deep bowls. Very often this yummy is used to decorate cakes, pies, cakes, soufflé, ice cream, jelly and other sweets.

Also, such sweets can be a great filling for muffins, puffs, rolls or biscuit rolls. Enjoy healthy food!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Store candied ginger in a clean glass dish, previously covered with a linen napkin, and preferably in a cool, well-ventilated place;

- ginger syrup can be used to soak biscuits, as well as other sweet flour products or added to tea, but in a diluted form 1: 1. It can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week, but if you want to extend the life of this fragrant sweet liquid, preserve it and put it in a cool place, such as a pantry or a cellar, where the syrup can stand for 8 to 9 months without losing its taste;

- very often for boning, instead of sugar, powder from this ingredient is used;

- some hostesses add a little vanilla extract or orange or lemon zest to the syrup.