Kebab with potatoes

Kebab with potatoes

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Ingredients for Cooking Cauldron Kebab with Potatoes

  1. Lamb 1 kg
  2. Potato 1 kilogram
  3. Vegetable oil 100 milliliters
  4. Salt 1 teaspoon or to taste
  5. Zira 1/2 teaspoon or to taste
  6. Ground black pepper to taste and desire
  7. Purified water 1 cup
  • Main Ingredients: Lamb, Potato
  • Serving 8-10
  • World cuisine


A glass (capacity 250 milliliters), a teaspoon, a kitchen knife - 2 pieces, a cutting board - 2 pieces, paper kitchen towels, a deep bowl, a stove, a slotted spoon, a heat-resistant bowl, a kitchen spatula, a deep cauldron with a lid (capacity 5 liters), large flat dish.

Cooking a cauldron kebab with potatoes:

Step 1: select and prepare the lamb.

First of all, we choose non-frozen, fresh, slightly chilled mutton, which is suitable for stewing. It is better to use the meat of young individuals from 3 to 8-9 months old, it is more delicate, soft and does not have such a strong aroma inherent in this type of animal. The ideal part of the carcass is the breast, shoulder blade, neck, back of the leg, brisket or ribs.
We rinse the selected piece under streams of cold running water, dry it with paper kitchen towels, put it on a cutting board and, without removing the layer of fat, divide the mutton into portioned pieces from 5 to 7-8 centimeters in size. For this purpose, you can use a sharp knife cleaver or kitchen hatchet. We send the meat into a deep bowl, season with salt, black pepper and leave it in this form on 15-20 minutes or until use.

Step 2: prepare the potatoes.

Meanwhile, with a clean knife, peel the right amount of potatoes and rinse it under water. Then we act depending on the situation, if the tubers are very large, cut them into 2-4 parts, if small, up to 5 centimeters, leave them whole. After that, put the rest of the products that you will need to prepare the dish on the countertop, and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: prepare a cauldron kebab with potatoes.

We put a wok on medium heat, or better a cauldron and pour vegetable oil there. After 2-3 minutesWhen the fat is very hot, very carefully dip the prepared potatoes into it and fry the vegetable from all sides until golden, periodically turning from side to side with a kitchen spatula.
It is not necessary to bring it to full readiness, if it remains damp inside - it's not scary! As soon as the potato is covered with a crust, using a slotted spoon, transfer it to clay or glass heat-resistant dishes.

Now carefully lower the pieces of meat into the heated fat and fry them from all sides to a brown crust. This process will take no more 4-5 minutes, mutton should grab only from above. After it is browned, put half-finished potatoes on it, season all the zrai with an additional portion of salt and black pepper.
We pour a glass of purified water into the cauldron and cover it with a lid. Then reduce the heat to a minimum level and simmer the aromatic dish 1, 5 hourswithout stirring. After the right time, a little liquid will remain at the bottom, something like a sauce, and the meat and potatoes will reach full readiness. You can check this with a table fork, if the lamb is friable, the vegetable is soft - the food is cooked.
If the ingredients are harsh, and this directly depends on their variety and quality, then we add an additional portion of water to the cauldron from 100 to 150 milliliters and simmer still approximately 20-30 minutes. As soon as the kebab is ready, turn off the stove and let the dish stand in a covered form for another 5-6 minutes. Then we spread the potatoes on a large flat dish, on top of it are pieces of meat, if desired, decorate everything with herbs, pickled onions and serve to the table.

Step 4: serve the kebab with potatoes.

Kazan kebab with potatoes is served hot as a second main course. After cooking, lamb potatoes are laid out in layers on a large flat dish, first a stewed vegetable, and pieces of meat on top.

If desired, the dishes are sprinkled with pickled onions, garlic and fresh chopped herbs of dill, cilantro, parsley, basil, as well as green onions. This delicious masterpiece of cooking is not inferior to the taste of shish kebab and even surpasses it in something! Enjoy a homemade simple and hearty meal!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- very often the meat is pickled for 1 hour in wine vinegar with the addition of spices such as zira, as well as black and red ground pepper;

- sometimes a layer of fried potatoes is covered with chopped onions (2-3 pieces), which gives a lot of juice, but in this case, the amount of water should be reduced to about half so that the dish is stewed and not cooked in liquid;

- if desired, lamb can be replaced with beef or pork, in the first embodiment, the food will turn out to be slightly dry, and in the second, slightly fat. Chicken is also used, in this case, the dish is cooked two, or even three times faster;

- some hostesses fry meat first, then potatoes. Then spread everything in layers as indicated in the recipe and stew the dish until cooked;

- A great substitute for vegetable oil - fat tail fat or lard;

- a set of spices is not essential, if desired, season the dish with any that are suitable for meat dishes.