Masha porridge

Ingredients for cooking porridge masheva

  1. Mash (green beans) 200 grams
  2. Rice "Basmati" (long grain) 300 grams
  3. Onions 2-3 pieces
  4. Vegetable oil 3-4 tablespoons
  5. Purified water 800 milliliters
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Spices for cereals (for example, “Berber mix”: cumin, black pepper, cardamom, fenugreek, coriander, allspice, cloves, ginger, turmeric, paprika and cinnamon) to taste
  • Main ingredients: Beans, Onion, Rice
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Kitchen knife, cutting board, paper kitchen towels, tablespoon, colander, stove, bowl - 2 pieces, a deep cauldron with a lid, a wooden kitchen spoon, a plate.

Cooking porridge masheva:

Step 1: prepare the mash and rice.

First, we sort out rice and mash, while removing any kind of rubbish. After this, pour them in a colander in turn, thoroughly rinse under trickles of cold running water, leave each species in the sink for 4-5 minutes so that the glass is excess liquid, and put it in separate bowls.

Step 2: prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Now, using a sharp kitchen knife, peel the onion. Then we wash the vegetable, dry it with paper kitchen towels, send it to a cutting board and cut into cubes, straws, quarters, rings or half rings. Then we spread the rest of the products that will be needed to prepare the dish on the kitchen table, and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: prepare the porridge for the machine.

We put on a medium fire a deep pan or a cauldron with vegetable oil. After a few minutes, put the chopped onion in the preheated fat and fry it until soft and golden brown, stirring vigorously with a wooden kitchen spoon. As soon as the vegetable is browned, fill it with the right amount of purified water and pour the mash that has already managed to dry there.

Bring the liquid to a boil and reduce the heat to a small level. Then cover everything with a lid so that a small gap remains, and cook green beans 30-40 minutesstirring occasionally. Important: mash should become soft enough, but not boiled! When it is almost ready, add to it to taste spices for porridge, salt and rice. Again, mix everything and increase the fire to an average level.

Cook the dish without covering, until the Basmati is ready and the moisture evaporates, while the grains should be slightly stiff inside, and the mash will almost boil apart. This process will take approximately 15-20 minutes. After the aromatic dish is ready, cover it, turn off the stove and insist in this form 10-15 minutes. Then lay out portions on plates and serve to the table.

Step 4: serve the porridge for the machine.

Masha porridge is served hot as the main vegetarian dish or as a side dish for meat, poultry, fish or seafood. It perfectly combines sauces based on butter, tomatoes, any other vegetables, cream and sour cream. You can also pour porridge with kattyk - sour milk, kefir or season with hummus - a paste of garlic and chickpeas. Tasty, inexpensive and very healthy! Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- very often, 1-1.5 hours before the preparation begins, the mung bean is soaked in cold running water, after this procedure it is cooked much faster;

- an excellent substitute for purified water - broth from vegetables, meat and poultry, “Basmati” rice - any other long-grain, and vegetable oil - cream;

- sometimes porridge is cooked with meat or poultry. First, the selected product is processed - cleaned, washed and cut into small pieces 1 cm thick. Then bring to a half-preparedness in preheated oil, fry for several minutes with onions and only then cook with peas, and then with rice and spices.